Give up the career dedicated to eating ass take care of the family, the bride got a bitter end

Permeability and out have 5 years from when the Lobes on making Strawberry Ming. Outsiders look at the good number of Lobe said. Manoj gentle husband, hard, loves his wife and kids. Thuy's husband parents reviewed was the kind you your child. 

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Frankly, the Lobes are grateful and respect her husband's parents. But the life sentence: "in the new blanket blanket had known louse". Though he she supports many but still the story makes the Lobes could not be relaxed, fun.

If only all those nagging little blame, then also don't mind too much. What makes you the most headaches is that my husband's parents are extremely proud of the children. The grandparents or told what was hard raising three children grown, their children had stable jobs in the city, see the Lobes Japan Adult also ordinary fathers other mothers. There is pride of her husband's parents also comes the expectation, not only with the son, the daughter that with both her daughter-in-law is lobed. That invisible pressure form the common cause "shortness of breath".

5 years on making strawberry, Thuy had heard her husband tell the Dad does not know how many times the story – her husband a good University, ancient University exam high score for the school. And when not yet graduated from University had invited large companies working with the energy. Each Lobe stories just laughed. Lobed glad to get the good husband, but she also graduated the Faculty of a University, in themselves would be dream jobs rather than poorly next to nothing. 

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Only thing, student strive hard, song came when going to work and marriage no longer seem to back the Lobe enthusiasm .... Witness not less on agency colleagues in striving for the career night of suffering, because the husband affair, and negativity because their children have this problem, Lobed decided to become the woman of the family. She was still trying to finish the good work in the Agency, but never intend to strive to "he excuses the other grandmother" because the family is more important. 

But the husband's parents do not think so. Grandparents like to Lobed arranged time, get more jobs to have more income. The salary of the spouse Thuy is not high, just enough cover to spend daily and spend a little money to repay the purchasing account. He desired her husband and wife have Lobes are stripping for you with their bloom bloom,. Each Lobe of the husband and wife, father-in-law tells his son how a high salary, this strawberry House there earn how much a month. Initially no Lobe to Italy, what type of song she A she B also do work as Lobes which do add this other work, or she has to do C this function always makes excuses lobe thinking.

Sister-in-law Lobes are preparing to get married-a good doctor her, lương newly doubled-lobed. Several more years of salary she was much higher, have the opportunity early on was doing a "good" in the hospital. Of course my husband's parents are happy, Lobe breeze off this man snatch. Welcome to the lobe, but also tears when thought: "she is the new seal may cause you're cool cool parents!".

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