Fast "or" slow "which is what causes amateur lesbian infertility?

Dear Doctor, husband and I got married 6 months, had "married relationships" are you pregnant yet. I noticed, every time "love" he maintains about 2 minutes to have ejaculation. In addition, he's completely healthy.

The doctor asked me, is Japan Sex it the cause my husband is disabled? Looking forward to your doctor help you. I would like to thank! (T.)


You Dear Ling, t.

First of all, to tell you that your spouse has sexual relations steadily for 6 months pregnant, yet is not too worried. Usually, if a normal sexual relationship, not using any contraceptive from 1 year upwards and still not pregnant, the husband and wife you should go check for yourself the rare risk of late or not. Over a period of months after the marriage that has yet to conceive, the cause can also do the two of you yet "relationships" at the right time.

"Fast" or "slow" which is what causes infertility? 1
Premature ejaculation is just made to affected the quality of the "love" rather than to influence fertility. Photo illustrations

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Your husband if often only maintained "the fun" is 2 minutes can then ejaculation was a little unusual, such as a disorder of sexual possibility. However, that's just how much influence the quality of the "love" and not much influence to the story and not the causes of infertility.

Men premature ejaculation has many causes, but it is absolutely not related to the quality of the sperm. Suffering from premature ejaculation is not synonymous with poor sperm quality. A lot of people suffer from symptoms of premature ejaculation but healthy sperm and still have children as usual. 

The sperm is created in the testicles. The process spawned not only sperm in the testicles but also dependent activities of other endocrine glands, especially the pituitary should all factors impacting the system can affect sexual function and sperm quality.

Looked at with the naked eye could not know the number and quality of sperm. So, to probe the amount and quality of sexual infections need to do tests of semen map knows exactly which affect fertility is not. 

If premature ejaculation condition of your husband regularly happens then you should motivate her husband to the hospital do semen tests map to check. Or more to the mind, both husband and wife you should go visit your overall health to know I have met "hiccups" anything about the breed or not.

Wish the couple you soon have good news!

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