My Tam "laughed and breathed" with the amateur milf beautiful butterfly style Cai luong

Male contestant cover of Ho Quang Hieu in Cai Luong style makes American Tam laughed

Volume 13 of The Perfect Hulk show aired at 21:30 on Wednesday, May 31, 1977 on HTV7 with the triumph of My Tam 's former pupil with the hit cover of "Rainy Saints" Vibrant style.

Guest judge of this episode is the "rain Saints" of the Chinese Army

At the beginning of the show, Dai Nghia unexpectedly appeared in the audience seats to introduce the show. Male comedian MC said he must change the "feng shui" because often My Tam, Quang cut.

After that, the whole room was excited by the arrival of the "Rainy Saints" of the Chinese Army as guest judges. The humorous guy said that he did not dare cover any song of My Tam, since witnessing the "bad" of "Beautiful Jav Busty lady" in the MV Em does not make the audience laugh.

In the introductory clip, the male contestants appeared in ao dai and lip syncing for the Western Tet song. Quang Dung hardcore Porn said he is very "quality" of the West should think of the Bolero music. In previous episodes, My Tam always expresses herself as a "friendly artist" when she continually offers suggestions to guests.

However, this week, the vocalist played the "sales pitch" for the Chinese military to anticipate the previous genre, causing the entire studio to "fall back." Since this is the first time to come to the show, instead of focusing Jav Debut on the mouth of the contestants, the Chinese are paying more attention to the details of the apricot decoration that made Dai Nghia "stilt like a tree". But then, male singers conquer the male MC with his subtle observation that the contestants wearing jeans combined with ao dai show youth should predict the genre. For "beautiful lady", to please the fans, the judge made predictions "bold" with the type Cai Luong.


After the excitement EDM walks fooled people, with just a few cymbals Cải lương music has made American Tam "hacked" do not believe in his ear and run away in the chair. Nam contestants made the room "up wave" when cover hit Butterfly pretty of Ho Hieu with the base of Cai luat extreme "smell".

Comment on the contest, "Beautiful" admired before the creativity, unique of the guy when "making" this song into Cai luong music as well as love the voice "sweet as the cane back" of male candidates. . The American director said that he feels interesting, because the cover is completely different from the original.

For the Chinese Army, he made no comment because he did not have any experience with the music. However, the guy thanked the contestant for his "melon" in the music genre. After the first section, My Tam scored his first point with "bold" predictions.

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