Ha Noi: Meet the woman who was trafficked by the Tan Lap amateur lesbian market for throwing pork into the pond


12 pigs have come to the cage but small traders do not buy, Ms. Hong sold but sold piglets but when sold to the sixth child Tan Lap market (Dan Phuong - Hanoi) acts to prevent, demanding to throw meat Down the pond.

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Manual surgery for small traders do not buy
Looking to the old woman was trafficked Tan Lap marketers to "throw" the meat thrown into the pond caused social networking May 31 we have just understood the grief of farmers when  pig prices Dropped to record levels .

Hanoi: Meet the woman who was trafficked by Tan Lap Market for throwing pork into the pond - Picture 1.
Ms. Hong and the small business Jav Abuse group broke out in the area near Tan Lap Market.

Ms. Do Thi Chut (born in 1952, commonly known as Hong staying in Cat Gue - Hoai Duc - Ha Noi) who appeared in the video said: The family farming, raising 12 pigs to make copper out. Copper into sub into daily expenditure. However, in the years before the price of pigs was stable, small businesses were keen to buy pigs from the family because pigs were cared for mainly with banana, rice bran and alcohol.


However, for many Jav Bukkake months now, when 12 pigs came to the cage but small traders did not buy or pay too low, it was so low that her family estimated that they would lose about 20 million dong compared to every other year. Regrettably, Ms. Hong considered self-pecking and selling around her home.

"My family raised a total of 12 pigs and sold 6 chickens before the incident, and before that, I sold them to their neighbors. Some sellers say that some sellers will support it, " Hong said.

Ms. Hong sold her meat on May 26 and 27, selling 30-40kg of meat each time.

According to Ms Hong, on May 27th, she brought 40kg of meat of all kinds to the Tan Lap market area for sale, but Mrs. Hong's meat market was several hundred meters from the market. Price per kg of meat she sells ranges from 40-60 thousand VND / kg depending on type. The sale of meat by the Hong was presumably cheaper and meat better than the small traders selling the market, which is the reason for the incident.

"I brought about 40kg of meat to sell, suddenly the small group of traders in the market cause and threaten, then they themselves are afraid of throwing meat into the pond should brace and hide the meat , " she shared.

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Is there also the status of "chicken news crows"

Before the incident of Ms. Hong was the small group "rob" meat to throw down the pond, then on May 11 in Ho Chi Minh City. Hai Phong also happened that Ms. Xuyen slaughtered pork meat sold by a small trader using waste to throw back the meat causing urgent.

Accordingly, at about 9 am on May 11, when Ms. Xuyen brought pork for sale at Luong Van Can Market (Can To Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong), suddenly the whole bucket of lentil was mixed with pig manure And water drains over the whole body of meat.

Ms. Xuyen sells meat for 45,000-50,000 VND / kg while the other woman sells 70,000-80,000 VND / kg. Assuming that Ms. Xuyên devalued, the mother of the woman has "cracked down on her opponent"

Return to the incident of Ms. Hong took place on May 30 morning, before the Tan Lap market. The video clip shows that an older woman carrying an antiperspirant sold was smuggled by a small group of about 4 young women in front of their boobs wearing aprons quarreling for snatching pork pieces. In the hands of this person. The small business group spoke up to the older woman and said there was more pork here and then demanded to buy the older woman's pork brought in by the obstruction of some people.

Regarding the incident, on June 1, we discussed with Mr. Nguyen Huu Quy, Chairman of Tan Lap Commune People's Committee said that through the verification of the incident, this is just a scuffle does not cause consequences, not the consequences. Pork loin as information on the net.

"As soon as information is available, the commune authorities have instructed commune police to convene small traders to handle it, and on the other hand, the requirement that when people sell pork to be brought to market, Safe food, " said Quy information.

Mr. Quy also said that the action of small traders is not right, especially when the price of pigs down people need help each other . "However, when other people bring pigs to sell without a quarantine certificate or hygiene certificate, the purchase is not correct. Households to sell must have full certification to ensure food hygiene and safety.


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