BAK (Bao Kun) suddenly milf blowjob revealed to have been nicknamed sex molesters 16 years old

In the music product that marked Japanese Porn the return, young singer BAK (Bao Kun's new actress) gave details of his sexual abuse in order to alert many parents.

On the afternoon of May 31st, BAK (Bao Kun) had a press conference launching MV "I Am A Superman" in Ho Chi Minh City. This MV with the idea of ​​the comedy Hoai Linh on the script. The man of comedy, BAK and director Khoa Nguyen has developed the content MV with the main character is a dream guy to become super hero to help people but Always fail and misunderstood as a harasser. After much effort and pure mind, Superman finally caught up with the kidnapper, clearing up all misunderstandings.

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MV I Am A Superman - BAK
In the "I Am A Superman" music video, aside from the idea that "anyone can become a superhero", there is a fat man seducing a boy. When asked about this story, BAK hesitated for a moment and then confessed at the age of 16, he Jav Nurse had met a well-known actor. This person says that there is a movie script that wants to invite him to participate and ask for his phone number.

"I remember it was a Saturday in May four years ago, and he called me to my house for casting at 1400. When I arrived, I found something a little wrong because the company location was outside. When I went upstairs, the actor told me to go into the room and lock the door, and after that, he was acting indecent to me, "BAK said.

BAK (Bao Kun) unexpectedly reveals each Jav Censored of the male sex abuse comedians 16 years old - Photo 2.
Bao Kun first shared sexual abuse at the age of 16
When asked about the reaction at the time, BAK said he was shocked, angry and told the actor: "I respect him very much for his age and age, but he can not trade at all". That's about. Despite this, BAK has been suffering from a long time of crisis for obsessive behavior.

That's why the male singer brought his 16-year-old obsession to the "I Am A Superman" music video to remind everyone, especially parents, to protect their children. It is normal for strangers to kiss and cuddle babies.

When the reporter frankly asked if it was Minh Béo or not, BAK hesitated to say that he would like to hide this actor's name because he did not want to repeat the bad news. He also said that he also received punishment and judgment from the public.

BAK (Bao Kun) suddenly revealed to have been nicknamed sex molested 16 years old - Photo 3.
Bao Kun and FB Boiz
On the day of the MV debut, members of FB Boiz were present enough to congratulate BAK but left the Hon. That made Porn HD Sex many people wonder about the relationship between two people, especially when recently, BAK shared about how far away his brother for the rights of the song Only You. However, the male singer said the two sat down to resolve the misunderstandings and good relationship back.

BAK also said that he wanted to change the stage name to BAK to mark his maturity and also a new way in music. In addition, the singer also hopes to "change their name" after six years of hard work but not much mark.

The press conference also has the appearance of many artists such as Ung Dai Dai, Le Quang, Chau Dang Khoa, Lip B, Big Daddy, FB Boiz, PB Nation ...

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